Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters01:13:22

Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters

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Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters The Indonesian Version01:33:14

Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters The Indonesian Version

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Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters is a 1982 action-comedy film directed by Jopi Burnama and Charles Kaufman, the brother of Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment, who distributed the film.

In the tradition of Woody Allen's What's Up, Tiger Lily?, Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters was originally a straightforward Indonesian martial arts film that was unusually produced in the English language. When Charles Kaufman received the film for distribution, he wrote all new, humorous dialogue for the film and rerecorded all the lines, adding plenty of bathroom humor, bad Kung-Fu grunts, corny jokes, and ludicrous accents (including an Elvis Presley voice for the film's Asian protagonist).

Tagline: If Woody Allen's 'What's Up Tiger Lily?' made you laugh out loud, this one'll make you change your underpants.


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