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Hollywood Zap! is a 1986 comedy film written and directed by Canadian filmmaker David Cohen (no relation to David X. Cohen) and distributed by Troma Entertainment, a company known for its low-budget exploitation films. The film features a large number of unusual character actors, including Chuck Mitchell and Tony Cox. Scatological humor and extreme ludicrous plot turns punctuate a film that has drawn thematic comparisons to the artistic works of John Waters.

In 2001, the film was featured at the 1st annual Video Game Festival to examine gaming's impact on media and culture. Described as being "historically significant", the film was Sponsored by Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard, the official international electronic scoreboard for video games.[1]


Two young men hit the road to Hollywood, CA to look for money, fame, and the wild life in this youthful comedy. Tucker "Downer" Downs tires of his boring job as a clerk in a women's fashion outlet and heads West. He also hopes that he will find his father, who disappeared 24 years before. En route, Downs hooks up with wasted video addict/hustler Ben Frank. Together they have many adventures during their trek to Tinsel Town.

The film is a black comedy of failed expectations and disillusion. Ultimately both men must confront the reality that dreams often do not come true.


  1. Script error

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