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Troma titles, characters, logos and elements are ™ & © Troma Entertainment, Inc. Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. co-produced by Gaga Communications and Namco (now Namco-Bandai).

Supernatural Law and all related characters, logos, and elements are ™ & © Batton Lash.

Robocop and all related characters are ™ & © MGM Holdings Inc d/b/a Orion Pictures Corporation.

Marvel Age, and all Marvel characters are ™ & © Marvel

Hembeck character ™ & © Fred G. Hembeck.

Hack/Slash and all related titles, logos, characters and elements are ™ & © Tim Seeley & Stefano Caselli d/b/a Hack/Slash, Inc.

L♥vebunny & Mister Hell and all related titles, logos, characters and elements are ™ & © Tim Seeley.

War of the Independents © Dave Ryan.

All characters featured in War of the Independents ™ & © Their respective owners.

Cracked Magazine ©

Toxic Crusaders NES and Game Boy video games © 1992 Namco-Bandai.

Toxic Crusaders SEGA Genesis video game © 1992 SEGA Corporation.

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