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Make your own damn movie dvd box set

In 2005, Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment decided to expand the book Make Your Own Damn Movie! into a 5 DVD set. The set, with more than 18 hours of material,[1] includes advice and interviews with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, George A. Romero, Stan Lee, John G. Avildsen, Eli Roth, James Gunn.[2]

The set also includes Kaufman's first major film The Battle of Love's Return.[3] in a deconstructed version. This was the only DVD version of the film until 2009, when the film was released as an Easter Egg on The Sexy Box, a DVD boxset of Squeeze Play!, Waitress!, Stuck on You! and The First Turn-On!.[4]

DVD seriesEdit

Troma also released a DVD series under the Make Your Own Damn Movie title that showcases amateur films by young filmmakers. However, the only film released to date is Pot Zombies.[5]


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