The Battle Of Love's Return (1971) - Official Trailer SD

The Battle Of Love's Return (1971) - Official Trailer SD

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Battle Of Love's Return

Battle Of Love's Return

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The Battle of Love's Return is a 1971 comedy film written, directed, produced, and starring Lloyd Kaufman.


The movie follows a joyous young character named Abacrombie as he faces the troubles of the real world. Everything from unfair bosses to bullying beatniks take their toll on his daily life until he meets the love of his life which he also fails to connect with. The movie ends with Abacrombie going to fight in Vietnam and getting shot.

First "Troma" MovieEdit

The movie is often referenced as the First Troma movie (Big Gus What's the Fuss and Squeeze Play have also earned that title - but were released later). The movie helped establish Lloyd Kaufman, Oliver Stone and Frank Vitale as a producing team and they worked on Sugar Cookies and East End Hustle before disbanding piror to the creation of the actual Troma Entertainment.

Production notesEdit

The following events affected the production of the film:

  • Future directors Allan Moyle and Oliver Stone worked on the film as an A.D. and an actor, respectively.
  • During filming of the battle scene, which was shot in a meadow in the backyard of Kaufman's mother's house, a smoke bomb ignited a large patch of grass and grew out of control, almost destroying the neighbors' house before the fire department arrived just in time. Mrs. Kaufman was not pleased.
  • To promote the film, Kaufman and friends would run around New York City with a stencil of the film's logo and spraypaint it on streets and sidewalks.


The film was favorably reviewed by Howard Thompson of the New York Times and Judith Crist of New York Magazine, who compared Kaufman to Woody Allen and Mel Brooks. The worst review, however, came from Kaufman's father: when asked what his favorite part of the movie was, he responded "the part where Lloyd gets killed".

Home video releasesEdit

The film has never been released on DVD individually, but is included in its entirety (and as a deconstructed version) on Kaufman's instructional box set, Make Your Own Damn Movie!, and is included as an Easter Egg on The Sexy Box, a DVD boxset of Squeeze Play!, Waitress!, Stuck on You! and The First Turn-On!.[1]


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