Toxic Avenger Vol 1 6

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#6:"The Stirring Saga of Biohazard: Part II: Not Fit For Fertilizer"Edit

Script: Doug Moench
Pencils: Rod Ramos
Inks: Val Mayerik
Colors: Bob Sharen
Lettering: Rick Parker
Editor: Jim Salicrup, Tom DeFalco (in-chief)
Cover Inks: Armando Gil

  • Major characters: Toxie, Biohazard, Demos, Chemo, Chairman, Darkella, Bahd, Rahd, Mayor Greenspan, Letititia Griese (council member), Police Chiefr Roddy Hoag, Ahri, Mrs. Junko, Claire, Drekko, Mephi
  • Cover date: September, 1991



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